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Save time on prospecting and close more deals by letting us deliver qualified real estate leads.

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Why EasyButtonLeads is the most effective way to secure new real estate deals

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Rising ad costs and an increase in spam leads make PPC not only incredibly difficult to scale, but tough to even start.Additionally, PPC Leads can be very inconsistent and may not even be in the Market you operate in.

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Direct mail

Not Only Is It Outdated, Time Consuming and Expensive, but the results are tough to track. What many find, is that they usually end up in a stack with 10+ other investors postcards.

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Conducting your own cold calling can also be very time consuming, difficult to scale and not the best use of your resources as a solopreneur. You got into real estate for freedom, not to spend hours on the phone getting told “No”. EasyButtonLeads will send you 30-90+ qualified, pre-vetted leads per month without you lifting a finger, so you can focus on what matters most: closing deals, generating a high income and enjoying more free time.

Cold calling is the most efficient way to get in direct contact with potential leads. You’re able to get immediate answers And have a more personal touch with sellers by having real conversations. Not only does EBL offer one all-inclusive monthly service price, but we speed up your sales process by having a team trained specifically for Real Estate Investing. EBL handles your calls and personally qualifies leads, so all you have to do is follow up and close the deals!

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Our Service Has Resulted In Millions In Revenue For Investors Just Like You!

Why choose EasyButtonLeads to get new deals? 

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The heavy lifting

Hate the idea of cold calling?
We get it. Nobody wants to pound the phones for 7-8+ hours a day making 150+ calls. Our team of highly trained, fluent English specialists do the work in the trenches so you can enjoy increased deal flow without the time investment of cold calls.

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More affordable

Imagine hiring a team of sales reps, a manager and taking out resources to train them. Or, imagine how many direct mail pieces you’d need to send to get 30-90 qualified leads per month…With EasyButtonLeads, you get a “hit team” of highly trained cold callers for a fraction of what other lead generation methods would cost for the same result!

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We’re real estate
investors ourselves

We’re not using generic overseas virtual assistants, But A Team Of In-House Specialists Who Focus Only On Lead Generation For Real Estate Investing. You Get Industry Experts, Not A Team Of Basic Callers Who Try To Learn Your Business Model On The Fly. See for yourself

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Easy to Scale

Need more leads? Just Tell Us And Within 24 Hours We Can Have An Additional Caller Added To Your Campaign, So You Can Double Lead Flow In Just One Day!

Other successful Real Estate Investors trust EasyButtonLeads!

You’re just 4 steps away from getting potential deals sent right to you!

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1. Book a call

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2. Tell us how many callers you want

Let Us Know How Many Callers You Want And The Types Of Leads You Desire, And We'll Build Your Cold Calling Team

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3. We start sending
you leads

Within your first month,
expect 30-90+ qualified leads.

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4. You close deals and make more money

All you have to do is contact your qualified, warm leads and do what you do best, close deals!

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. 

How many leads per day should I expect?
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You should expect 1-3 leads per day per caller that you hire here

How do i get started?
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Simple! Fill out an application and our discovery team will reach out to you.

what if i'm brand new?
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As long as you know how to close a deal we can generate you more leads to do more of that!

do you guys offer part-time callers?
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We do not!

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Are you ready for highly qualified real estate investing leads delivered to you?